Shepherd’s Pie

    Is it Shephard’s Pie made with beef mince or does that make it a Cottage Pie? Anyway… Beef mince (I used a 450g pack of >5% fat) ~200ml Passata  3tbsp Tomato Purée Glug balsamic vinegar Glug Worcestershire sauce Generous pinch of dried herbs, thyme, and rosemary  Tbsp chopped garlic Mug beef stock ~5 potatoes … More Shepherd’s Pie

Choc Orange Treats

So, these are tiny, hence calling them treats/fairy cakes. I’ll go with Slimming World’s new policy and I’ll leave working out the syns value to anyone making this recipe. I generally have a ‘throw it all together’ policy on cooking, so the amounts can probably be played around with as you wish. 3 eggs, separated … More Choc Orange Treats

I’m Back!

This blog hasn’t been updated in a really long time. I am now several months into being an actual Slimming World member and I’ve lost almost 3.5 stones. Yay! I also have an Instagram where I’m posting all sorts of foods. I’ve decided that I should probably try to write down the recipes for some … More I’m Back!

Let’s Try Once More…!

So, I’m back again and ready to try this cooking and healthy eating thing once more. I’ll be attempting to keep a better log of what I’m eating and what I’m cooking. In that vein, here is the food I just purchased from sainsburys – nice shop, just a shame it cost almost thirty quid!

Low-Fat Chilli

So, another classic: Chilli con Carne. Amongst my favourite food, naturally fairly healthy and a recipe tried and tested by a Texan…and they know their chilli!!! Chilli is super simple to make, almost the same as bolognese but with different seasoning, and can be tailored around your own personal fussiness… This is all it takes: … More Low-Fat Chilli