Low-Fat Chilli

So, another classic: Chilli con Carne. Amongst my favourite food, naturally fairly healthy and a recipe tried and tested by a Texan…and they know their chilli!!!

Chilli is super simple to make, almost the same as bolognese but with different seasoning, and can be tailored around your own personal fussiness…

This is all it takes:


As you can see relatively few ingredients – organic tomato paste can be taken out; I literally only used it because the nice Asda delivery man brought it to me accidentally. Garlic is also mostly unnecessary, unless you love it. Otherwise, you could also add other beans, peppers, and any variety of vegetables. The healthiest options to accompany chilli are of course boiled rice or jacket potato/potato wedges – unless you want to be really weird, go with the red plan and eat it by itself with salad…

The spice mix above is home-mixed but honestly you’re way cheaper just to buy a packet of it – Schwartz’ chilli mix is my preferred one. If you do want to mix your own, here is what I used:

4 tbsp chilli powder (I used 2 each of mild and hot but whatever you prefer works)
1tsp garlic powder
1tsp onion powder
1tsp crushed red pepper flakes
1tsp oregano
2tsp paprika
2tbsp cumin
3tsp sea salt
4tsp black pepper

As I said, buy a packet mix…!

Otherwise, chilli is super simple:

1) Brown your low-fat content minced beef in a large frying pan
2) Season browned mince with approx 1-2 tbsp of spice mix
3) Add tinned tomatoes, drained kidney beans and one tins worth of tap water to the pan and mix well
4) Add in a little extra spice mix to taste
5) Simmer until the kidney beans are cooked through and the sauce has thickened slightly – usually around 10-15 minutes

And voila! Home-made chilli. Onions should be browned first, before adding the meat. Other veg should probably be added whilst browning the mince, before adding the wet ingredients.

To make it even healthier and environment-friendly, you could use meat substitute instead of beef mince. This would also make it green friendly with rice or potatoes.

Look out in the next few days/weeks for recipe using my awesome Christmas present – the Phillips Airfryer. It would’ve been a Tefal Actifry but the Phillips won by virtue of its more oven-like properties. Important since I don’t have an actual oven, just a two-burner hob which is actually too small to fit my own frying pan on and turns itself off every 10-15 minutes as a standard safety feature…


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