And I’m Back Once More…!

Another pretty difficult semester at work and my annual summer move to a flat with an oven – yay! Some of the things I’ve actually managed to cook so far this year: 



Made with chicken, peppers, tomatoes and rice (I am rather unadventurous!)

Cook off the chicken with paprika, saffron and a little water (once browned) and then add the peppers. Add rice and coat with the juices and spices before adding chicken stock and then the tomatoes. Stir once and leave to cook until the rice is tender – the bottom will be sticky and burnt looking and I think it would cook more evenly if cooked with a or cover on the frying pan. As it stood, the rice at the bottom of the pan was cooked but it was still way too al dente on top! 



Healthy Donner Kebab

More like a meatloaf than a donner kebab, I found this recipe online (unfortunately, I can’t remember where) and decided it sounded like an interesting way to vary my use of minced beef, even though I have never had an actual donner kebab nor ever had any sort of desire to eat one! It is basically minced beef, egg to bind it, and a large number of herbs and spices. Form it into a loaf shape and chill for a couple of hours before baking in the oven. For the first time ever, it was actually over-spiced for my tastes – usually I find any sort of kebab made with minced beef or lamb to be underwhelming as far as taste is concerned, regardless of the herbs and spices used, but for once this was a little over seasoned. Despite this, it was pretty good in a pitta bread/tortilla wrap with some salad and roasted peppers. 



Mediterranean Chicken Casserole

So, confession: I am terrible at making anything remotely resembling a stew. Much to my mother’s amusement, I appear to be incapable of properly cooking beef products that aren’t mince or steak. So it was with much trepidation that I decided to try our a recipe for a chicken casserole, just to mix things up. It was, in fact, amazing! Basically, cook off the chicken, add any vegetables you want to include (carrots, potatoes, peppers, green beans etc) and then a tin of tomatoes. Add some fresh rosemary and thyme, season and add a healthy glug of red wine vinegar (it adds a really nice richer taste without actually having to include wine!) and then basically simmer until all the veg is tender. Serve with couscous, rice or bread. 



So there you have it. I’m shortly off on a much needed holiday to Spain, then I will have an entire summer of less stress at work and an oven at home stretching out in front of me!


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