January Fair Weather Dieters

So, rather predictably, like a whole host of others, the new year has prompted a return to the blogosphere. After a hectic semester with some really badly behaved students, even more badly behaved colleagues and several bereavements all over the place (for both myself and people I know), I finally feel like my head might be back in the game!

I plan on getting weighed for the first time in a while tomorrow morning and going from there. I’ve no doubt it’ll be scary but at least, with everybody and their dog on a diet, I should actually be in a good position to eat more healthily without any pressure to constantly eat out, right?

On another note, with regards to my other purpose of this blog – to make the most of living in London – I feel the need to tell you about how I spent over two hours (literally, I timed it) queuing to get into 19 Princelet Street, self-proclaimed Museum of Immigration.

It only opens a handful of times each year and the queue was about 200 people deep at least when I arrived. I have to say it was something of a disappointment – the museum has no money and it shows. The wasted potential makes me want to cry, especially because in such a climate as we have now with immigration being such a hot political topic, it could become such a useful and important resource both for London and nationally.

Information is literally typed up and printed out on sheets of A4 and the whole building is crumbling and they’re basically making exhibitions out of local school children’s work, which could be really interesting in a room dedicated to that. A museum that uses diary entries and videos and poetry from local school children as the bulk of its exhibitions is clearly in desperate need of a rapid injection of cash.

With the help of somebody with appropriate knowledge and skills, 19 Princelet Street could become as valuable and amazing as the Tenement Museum in NYC. More focus on the wealth of information, exhibition and value that could come from using the building they’re housed in to talk about the lives of immigrants to London’s East End instead of simply a whistle stop tour through the history of immigration in Britain and I think this could become one of the most important museums in the country.

Anyway, enough of my museum reviews, I made chilli last night and plan on posting the recipe shortly…


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