Low-Fat Chilli

So, another classic: Chilli con Carne. Amongst my favourite food, naturally fairly healthy and a recipe tried and tested by a Texan…and they know their chilli!!! Chilli is super simple to make, almost the same as bolognese but with different seasoning, and can be tailored around your own personal fussiness… This is all it takes: … More Low-Fat Chilli

Taco Night

So, with a friend staying over, I decided to make tacos. Not that it stops me, but I find making tacos for one very indulgent since it makes craploads of washing up and is quite a process with just one person involved. If you’ve never had a taco…OMG, go and make them!!!! They are amazing … More Taco Night

Harissa Chicken

Having invested in some harissa paste and excited about the possibility of adding something new to my repertoire of regular recipes, I decided to go about making harissa chicken and couscous. I had it in a restaurant a few months ago and it was delicious (also a tiny portion – so tiny that me and … More Harissa Chicken

Sunshine Salad

Isn’t this a Slimming World meal-and-a-half! Tons of steak with a plateful of brightly coloured salad to make up for the day of pouring, unrelenting rain we’ve had here in London. This isn’t really a recipe, or even really a meal idea, just a note of what I’ve had for dinner tonight. The steak was … More Sunshine Salad

Cajun Chicken 2.0

So, after experimenting last night, I really had to go back to the traditional cajun chicken I usually make! I don’t know if this is morbid, but cajun chicken and rice, made with discovery spice mix (that’s the really important part – discovery spice mix is the best cajun spice mix ever – though I … More Cajun Chicken 2.0

Cajun Chicken

In an effort to change things up a little, I picked up a sachet of Colman’s Bake in the Bag Cajun Chicken. Usually myself and my mum make top notch cajun chicken and rice ourselves, but this one looked tasty (and a little bit like jambalaya) so I figured I would try it. It took … More Cajun Chicken