Getting the Wobbles!

Ok, so the lack of posts on this blog has coincided with a wobble as far as the healthy living mission is concerned. I’ve missed two Zumba classes (one from being out of London at a conference in Cardiff and the other from loosing my purse at the weekend and not having the money to … More Getting the Wobbles!

Getting Political…

So, having just watched an episode of The Men Who Made Us Fat on BBC iPlayer, I feel somewhat compelled to make my first post in a while (even though I have a bunch of food posts I should really write-up first!) because I think it throws up some interesting points. Having grown up with … More Getting Political…

Jamie’s Italian

I’m generally thinking that this blog has turned into a restaurant review blog, rather than the intended healthy living blog! On the upside, I lost 2lbs last week…on the downside, having The Best Friend to stay has meant that I have eaten out more than I would hope to do so! We spent yesterday in … More Jamie’s Italian

Taco Night

So, with a friend staying over, I decided to make tacos. Not that it stops me, but I find making tacos for one very indulgent since it makes craploads of washing up and is quite a process with just one person involved. If you’ve never had a taco…OMG, go and make them!!!! They are amazing … More Taco Night

Harissa Chicken

Having invested in some harissa paste and excited about the possibility of adding something new to my repertoire of regular recipes, I decided to go about making harissa chicken and couscous. I had it in a restaurant a few months ago and it was delicious (also a tiny portion – so tiny that me and … More Harissa Chicken