I’m Back!

This blog hasn’t been updated in a really long time.

I am now several months into being an actual Slimming World member and I’ve lost almost 3.5 stones. Yay! I also have an Instagram where I’m posting all sorts of foods.

I’ve decided that I should probably try to write down the recipes for some of these pictures, so here I am, restarting this blog. It’s been about 18 months since I posted anything and looking back at my previous posts has been…interesting. I’d probably recommend that, if you’re just starting here, there’s no need to read the previous posts.

I’m definitely in a much better headspace as far as loosing weight is concerned and, I think, less brutal than I was when I first started this blog. Starting this blog was the first step in acknowledging, publically if anonymously, that I had a serious weight problem and that felt like a relief. Looking back at my earlier posts, that seems pretty clear to me in my brutal honesty that fits a little less well with where I’m at right now!

I put on lots more weight before I actually walked into my class, but my head is in the game now. I think I’m looking at wanting to lose about another 4/4.5 stones before I am where I want to be. Come on!


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