Getting the Wobbles!

Ok, so the lack of posts on this blog has coincided with a wobble as far as the healthy living mission is concerned. I’ve missed two Zumba classes (one from being out of London at a conference in Cardiff and the other from loosing my purse at the weekend and not having the money to go!) and my eating hasn’t been much better – largely due to the two reasons for missing Zumba…

Cardiff was difficult (actually I really like the city, but I mean food wise) in the sense that my hotel came with a rather impressive unlimited breakfast buffet (that had cooked foods as well as the possibility of copious amounts of bread rolls and Nutella-spread toast) and coupled with food at the conference that really didn’t work out with how fussy I am – at one point there were three lunch options and none of them were something I would eat! – which meant that I filled up on junk food to stop my stomach from rumbling in a session…

In terms of having lost my purse, it means that I’ve been having to eat up what I have in my cupboards and freezer and buy cheap, filling foods such as bread. None of which is conducive to living a healthy lifestyle.

However, I completely realise these are just excuses and I should stop with them! Hopefully my new bank card and PIN will coming through tomorrow and enable me to pay back the money I had to borrow from work, put in an online food order and get back on track.

In the meantime I thought I’d post some pics of things that I have been cooking and/or just eating…

Not a great picture, but it was pretty tasty! I decided to try my hand at making my own pasta (something I haven’t done since school) and although it tasted good it was such hard work! Without a pasta machine, I would be pretty reluctant to try again because it was so laborious trying to roll of the really stiff pasta dough to a thickness that is workable for pasta. That, and I managed to chuck egg-y flour all over my kitchen when my flour well burst it’s banks and spewed raw egg everywhere…!

Lamb Tagine from the ’50 Free Original Recipes’ book. It took much longer to cook than stated in the book and involved lots of chopping and peeling for one person but the lamb was actually really good (coming from somebody who isn’t massively into lamb!) and the recipe itself was actually really tasty – even without the cinnamon which I thought I had but didn’t…

So these are Celebrations Brownies from a Green and Blacks recipe book! You read that right – Celebrations as in the chocolate miniatures from Mars! It sounded like an amazing idea (and apparently when I told mum I was making them they made her want chocolate so much she went and ate two rocky road hi-fi bars…) but it actually didn’t work brilliantly. The batter made more of a cake than a brownie and it was quite hit and miss with the Celebrations! Galaxy Caramel was really good straight out of the oven but straight up Galaxy was a bit hit and miss – if you don’t mind when chocolate gets ever so slightly burnt and turns a little crunchy (which I, somewhat perversely, quite like) then you’ll be happy. Otherwise… Milky Way kind of disintegrated into nothingness, Bounty stuck like anything to the pan and Mars was really sickly. Snickers was pretty good though. I probably wouldn’t make them again; taking into account the expensive chocolate Green and Blacks require for any recipe in their book and the cost of a box of Celebrations, they were really expensive to make and not fantastic enough to justify it. They went down really well at work though, where my much superior white chocolate and peanut butter blondies turned off some of my colleagues who hate peanut butter!

And, in a final, non-food related pic, this is Cardiff Central train station. Maybe it doesn’t look like much to everyone else but I am in love with Art Deco architecture and I decided that this may be my favourite train station that I’ve had the misfortune to have to use! Train stations are, quite frankly, one of the higher circles of Hell – with overpriced (and usually crap) food, not enough ticket machines and long delays. St Pancras is a pretty good one (though the comments about food definitely still stand and it’s way too big!) but I actually found that I rather liked Cardiff if only for the spectacular light fittings!


One thought on “Getting the Wobbles!

  1. Really missed your updates,I also think the lights in Cardiff station are really cool but the celebration brownie cake looks amazing and so glad it was not made near me(wouldnt have been able to resist)The lamb looks good even though I hate the taste of lamb and back to making your own pasta is very impressive!

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