Zumba Playlist Numero Dos

Went along to my fourth Zumba class this Wednesday…bit of a pointless exercise really! The usual teacher had put her back out so we had a sub (doesn’t that just sound like we’re back in school?!) who was rather scary. Besides which, it was so hot and humid on Wednesday that we had to stop before the end of the class because the mirrors had steamed up (in fact, my glasses had steamed up!) and the floor was so full of condensation – I really hope it was condensed water and not sweat, though everyone was literally dripping – that it was a health hazard since even the teacher kept slipping all over the place…

It was kind of cool to try out a different teacher – she was kind of scary but sometimes that helps! – and she was definitely more of a Zumba-purist than the usual. This meant the routines were easier to follow, though not quite as much fun as the mix-up the usual one does!

Because it was so hot, the class was really pared down and, apart from sweating more than I have in my entire life, I didn’t feel like I got much of a work out. I was out of breathe for probably less than ten minutes during the entire class and I didn’t even ache a little bit yesterday! However, since I’m fairly certain there are some exercise classes that you can actually take in a sauna and I really did sweat so much that it must have had some impact…mostly in the form that I maintained this week despite eating a heck of a lot of ‘Celebrations Brownies’ – I’ll post more about those later – as well as KFC, a Moroccan meal out with work and several desserts and meals out with The Best Friend. So I really can’t complain.

The song pick for this Zumba class has got to be On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull – we seemed to get so many various versions of this (including the original song that the catchy part was sampled from – Lambada) that it felt de ja vu-ish! However much I hate to admit this, I actually find myself liking quite a few Jennifer Lopez songs and I really enjoyed the Zumba routine to On the Floor, especially with all the punching…which probably means I should go to a cardio kick/kickboxing class…





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