Why I Love London, Part 1

So, I was supposed to be going on an Amnesty Protest about the Arms Trade Treaty, but showing my incredible genius got a little confused and ended up going to Trafalgar Square (where funnily enough there was a Fathers 4 Justice protest!) instead of Parliament Square where it was actually being held.

In a stroke of amazing luck, just as we were wandering through Trafalgar Square to head to Parliament Square, we heard the sound of helicopters and looked up to see four of them (including a Chinook) flying overhead. Figuring we would stick around and see what was going on, we were then treated to fly pasts of several jet type planes.

All of a sudden, there were some oohs and ahhs and people staring up at the sky. Being something of a sheep, we also looked to the sky and it was the Red Arrows with Red, White and Blue streaming from their tails! I took the best picture I was able to with my iPhone and at short notice and there it is. It was very exciting and completely unexpected. We couldn’t have timed or planned it any better than it worked out!

So, that’s part 1 of why I love London…you never know what you’re going to see or do when you walk out your door! You might join a protest, get free food, find a wonderful market or maybe, just maybe, see something as spectacular as a Red Arrow fly past Trafalgar Square!!!!

PS, we did end up making it to the protest in the end and I wound up acting as a very bad camerawoman for an Internet journalist who was interviewing people…


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