Taco Night

So, with a friend staying over, I decided to make tacos. Not that it stops me, but I find making tacos for one very indulgent since it makes craploads of washing up and is quite a process with just one person involved.

If you’ve never had a taco…OMG, go and make them!!!! They are amazing and tasty and not altogether massively unhealthy.

To make the taco mince, I take a pack of extra lean minced beef and fry it off before dousing in lime juice and then sprinkling with taco spice mix (Old El Paso is very good at this) and mixing well.

Apart from heating the taco shells in the oven/grill for a few minutes, this is all the cooking required. Otherwise, you just need to grate some cheese, chop some cherry tomatoes and cook some rice (if you want – free food on an extra easy day that might encourage you not to eat too many of the 4-5 syn (approx) taco shells!). You might also like to add lettuce, some beans – black, kidney etc – and homemade salsa if you so wish.

Otherwise, just plate everything up and let everyone dig in. I can guarantee there won’t be much left by the end…!


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