Musings On My Favourite Meal

So, doing this blog has really encouraged me to think about food and what I eat and this has prompted me to think about my favourite ever meal.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my favourite ever meal was Cinco de Mayo 2009 – TACO NIGHT!

It was on my study abroad year in Malta; the first time I had ever had tacos; and was a huge big group meal. The food wasn’t the best, but the company was good, the daiquiries were amazing and the whole process was a lot of fun!

We all helped with the cooking and the cocktail making and then we all sat down (about 18-20 people in all) and ate an amazing meal.

My American friends were appalled that I had got to age 20 without ever having a taco (or indeed any Mexican food apart from chilli con carne) and were determined that I would have a fabulous Cinco de Mayo – a Mexican holiday that is apparently celebrated more in the US than in Mexico!

This meal is also my favourite because when I moved back to Leicester knowing almost no-one, it prompted me to hold a taco night with my new flatmates and helped us all to get to know each other!

So, there you have it, some confused ramblings about my favourite meal. How about yours?


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