If you’re ever in London…

…you might like to check out Chettinad’s Keralan restaurant just off Tottenham Court Road! Eating out count is up two twice this week (week running Wednesday to Wednesday, for clarification!) which, considering I’m fairly certain I have had entire weeks where I’ve eaten every single meal out, is pretty impressive for a first go!

And as far as eating out goes, there are much worse places to cheat than at Chettinad’s. This place is always super quiet, so unfortunately there’s not a lot of atmosphere, but on the upside the waiting staff are pretty good and having the restaurant mostly to yourself (at least as lunchtime) means you can have randomly personal and bitchy conversations without worrying about someone overhearing and laughing/judging!

I’ve eaten at Chettinad’s 3-4 times (though once with two pretty drunk colleagues who were so embarrassing I did wonder if I would ever be able to go back…) and the curry that I had the first time – Chettinad Khozi Curry – is sooooo good that I’ve never felt the need to try anything else. The sauce is so tasty that my ‘vegetarian’ best friend nicks some of it every time we go!

Cost: £18.00 exactly (including a Diet Coke & 12.5% ‘optional’ service charge)


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