Chickpea Crisp-Like Thingamabobs

So, these really are as weird as they look and sound! I got the idea today from a website I was looking at (though I have heard of them before) and decided that since I’m always on the look out for healthy-ish snacks and chickpeas actually count as one of your five-a-day, I’d give them a whirl.

Basically, you take a tin of chickpeas, drain and rinse, coat them in oil (I said healthy-ish!) and then essentially roast them in a steaming hot oven. Once you take them out and drain the excess oil, you simply toss some salt and whatever spice/spice mix takes your fancy.

These were of marginal success. They didn’t work properly – I’ve come to the conclusion that my oven is very, very slow – but even though only a very few turned out crispy like they should, they were still massively addictive! I would do them again, especially as an unusual addition to a movie/football/Eurovision party…will definitely be leaving them in much, much longer next time though!

BTW, I coated them with some salt and garam masala (since I somehow couldn’t find my cumin – every other blooming spice than the one I was looking for!) but you really could use anything you like. Discovery Cajun Spice Mix would almost certainly be delish, if you can bring yourself to sacrifice expensive spice mix on something other than chicken…

Just as a little note, I did find something strangely satisfying about shelling (if that’s what you call it) the chickpeas – I will say that you don’t need to do this and in fact the ones that still had the little filmy coating were possibly nicer than the ones without. Just a little insight into my neuroses there…!


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