Zumba Playlist Numero Uno

So, in addition to eating more healthily than I have in the past, I am also starting to do some exercise, in the form of Zumba. I went to my first class over a week ago and almost died! When I actually think about it, I haven’t done any real exercise since I left school at fifteen, so actually keeping up with a Zumba class for an hour probably should be a real achievement. Mostly, it was just embarrassing – not only am I completely uncoordinated but I am also super unfit.

My second Zumba class went better – though I went by myself to this one, so it was marginally less fun, though it did mean I had to pair up with a stranger, thereby also having to be social! I actually kept up better and ached even more the following day, which I am determinedly taking as a Good Thing, since it surely indicates that I must be following the routines better and making more of the class right?

And in a fit of enthusiasm, I ordered a Zumba DVD (actually the set has six DVDs and two ‘toning sticks’) to make use of having more space in my summer apartment. I’ll let you know how that goes…

As the title suggests, I’m going to start posting a Zumba playlist. Numero Uno, rather misleadingly, is actually a Brazilian Portuguese song not a Spanish one. The title means If I Catch You, and you’re really better off not understanding the lyrics because they’re actually rather creepy!



2 thoughts on “Zumba Playlist Numero Uno

  1. This song is so big here in Spain! It’s played all the time (and has been for the past 6 months) in clubs here. There is also a version in Spanish and English, but not as catchy.

    1. Yeah, I think this is my Zumba teacher’s favourite song (excepting that Shakira Waka Waka one!) and I spent ages trying to find it online! It’s a little bit creepy and definitely not as catchy in English though – I mean, ‘if I catch you’ when paired with the dance?! Lol.

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