Look what I have to deal with…

So, I pop to the Brunswick Centre to pick up some things from Robert Dyas and Waitrose and what do I find but…

Yes, you read that right: The British Biscuit Festival!!!!

Luckily, the Brunswick Centre was busier than I’ve ever seen (recession, pah, what recession?!) so it was actually really difficult to get to any of the stalls, to even see if there was anything I wanted. And, in a healthy eating result, the regular cake stall that I adore had sold out of my favourite White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies!

And there was an awesome jive lesson, too. I’ve looked into jive lessons in London and really want to go. If only I can a) find someone to go with; and b) find the confidence to go do something like that!

And, you also saw right that it’s sunny. And warm. It’s a lovely 20 degrees out here in London (though my apartment is soooo cold that I actually had to put the heating on to coax myself out of bed and into the shower this morning!)

I love London…



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