Cajun Chicken 2.0

So, after experimenting last night, I really had to go back to the traditional cajun chicken I usually make! I don’t know if this is morbid, but cajun chicken and rice, made with discovery spice mix (that’s the really important part – discovery spice mix is the best cajun spice mix ever – though I don’t use the sauce), really would have to form part of my last meal (along with fish & chips, garlic bread and chocolate covered strawberries, if you’re really interested).

Now that’s what you call a Slimming World meal and a half! Quite possibly my favourite meal on the planet, and one of the simplest to make…what’s not to love!

P.S. if, by any chance, anyone from Discovery Foods ever happens upon this post…please bring back the sachets of cajun spice mix!!!!


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