Cajun Chicken

In an effort to change things up a little, I picked up a sachet of Colman’s Bake in the Bag Cajun Chicken. Usually myself and my mum make top notch cajun chicken and rice ourselves, but this one looked tasty (and a little bit like jambalaya) so I figured I would try it.

It took a bit of prep, with chopping chicken, peppers and tomatoes and measuring out rice and water to go in the bag – and the bag itself seemed pretty insubstantial. Once it was in the bag, it looked even more dubious!

Not the most appetizing thing I’ve ever seen…

Into the oven it went. Allegedly for 30-40 minutes. 35 minutes later and the rice clearly wasn’t cooked. Back into the oven for 10 minutes. I opened the bag and there were clearly still grains of rice that weren’t cooked properly. So, I squeezed it out of the bag and into the casserole dish and returned it to the oven for 10 minutes with the lid on. When it came out, some of the rice was almost mush and some still wasn’t properly cooked! All the same, I figured I should try it…

So, it did end up looking pretty good and it was very tasty. The chicken was really tender and juicy and the peppers and tomatoes were pretty nice. It’s just that rice; I’m not sure how best to cook rice evenly in a bag, when you can’t stir it.

I’m very much liking the idea of bake in the bag meals. I like that I could make them up the night or morning before, if I knew I would be busy the following evening. I like that once they’re in the oven, they don’t require any more thought until the timer goes. I like the possibility of creating some meals like this that can go in the microwave, for when I move back into the Flat With No Oven. But, right now, I’m not convinced this is ever going to be a good way to cook rice! Any suggestions?


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